I reasoned,

That if I am really religious, and I do not have time for God or Love (and house-works!),
then I don’t have time for Humans.

7 August 2016

A world is not a Disneyland but a place to live, grow and be happier if can.

Erasmus, 18.7.2016

I don’t understand economics, though I taught them,
I understood common-sense, though we can live without it.

Erasmus, 19.7.2016

Without history, we will lose the strategy.

Erasmus, 19.7.2016

Grant makes note of his own condition and expresses optimism that “Federal and Confederate” can live together.

I cannot stay to be a living witness to the correctness of this prophecy; but I feel it within me that it is to be so. The universally kind feeling expressed for me at a time when it was supposed that each day would prove my last, seemed to me the beginning of the answer to “Let us have peace.”

The expression of these kindly feelings were not restricted to a section of the country, nor to a division of the people. They came from individual citizens of all nationalities; from all denominations—the Protestant, the Catholic, and the Jew; and from the various societies of the land—scientific, educational, religious or otherwise. Politics did not enter into the matter at all.

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Personal_Memoirs_of_Ulysses_S._Grant