Here We Go!

12065851_10153273999144077_7668637482765305764_nThis is a working memoir of sorts, of what I think of about people, ideas and achievements. People who inspire others.

Sounds familiar?

Well, if you know me through personal interaction, that’s basically what drives me in life. Hope for others, hope for my family and like all, hope for myself.

My intentions are to write down my life experiences, with some revelations into things that happened, mechanics of thoughts and some sharing. Not all will be revealed though, just to keep things interesting and those interested to know.

Years back, a friend set me up with one of his 8 -Astro station managers. The station managress wrote kindly to me to see whether I’m up for it. Honestly, I don’t have any real good materials that I’m fantastic about but I was thinking along, sex consultancy in Malaysia. Hey! A subject that I don’t have to think so much about, just off my cuff and the newspapers always get #1 most read headlines and articles in their portals. Also sex sells. Like… a whole lot of money.


I missed a co-writer, Dato Kam U Tee, ex-GM of Penang Waterworks, ANZGAM. We were working on writing the biography of Tun Dr Lim Chong Eu. After 2 years since his sea burial, I finally gathered enough courage and with the help of a friend, met up with the widow this year. She saw our lil’ project somewhere and she asked, “Will writing this get you to go by?”

(Most unfortunately, Google does not have U Tee’s pic that I can grab from. Sigh…)

Found! 15.10.2016 U Tee’s photo.


Money, power, ambition.

Something that I used to think a lot when I was way much younger.

Some may call me despotic, OCD, dictator, power-hungry, pro-BN, pro-Pakatan or something that they themselves  should consider their own position.

Although I’m and was in some 20-30 NGOs, social organisations and so on, I’m not really into activist. I’m into advocating causes. An activist to me can be somewhat rabid. An advocate, not only projects the causes but also listen to the other side of the fence and try to meet in the middle. So I hope.

Anyway, all these and whatever else written here will be off my head with enough referencing. If you see something you want to talk badly against or about, you can try first reaching out to me privately instead of here or post it on your own social media and tag me to have a look. But if you wish to post your bad critical comment, then my alter-ego might just want to eat you up for supper!

In any case, be happy and hope to collaborate or do something effective as a team.

Time to pool this together!

If you are interested to write in here as a guest or to comment, feel free to contact me.


The photo above is a reminder of terrorists attack on November 2015 in Paris.