The Skye ‘ell Down

Every 2-3 years, Chicken Lil’ sees the skye falling down.
He went on with his clappers to tell the Mayor,
The sheriffes, town-criers and of course, the Doctor,
For his tales, Chicken Lil’ had to be a good lil’,
Eat what he needs to eat to keep him, NORMAL.

Now what if the world is in a reverse.

I have raised a question in my Facebook,
“Why didn’t the first “enlighted” couple or people start the calendar making with… “69 Zootopian 50,001 ZZ” instead of 1 January 00.”

And what if, a group of us or just one individual had been livin’ alone since time eternity, sending us messages according to timeline – the Rosetta, the tortoise shell, the parchments, the paper mails and then emails – in future, telepathy.

And we choose to ignore all that’s empowered to us.
We choose to be busy with busy-ness.

If so, why we age, where is heaven, where is hell?
If so, why are we fated, why we break and where we made up.
If so, truly the skye ‘ell down,
No one had bothered to look up from their books,
Or their expensive toys, or what they’re um- doing,
Then Egg-God, this is truly ‘orrible.
We’d failed yet again.


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