Guarding Changes

Whenever I traveled, I enjoyed looking at the changes of guards at the Leader’s main home. Its very unique from country to country irrespective of their political alignment.

A lot of people are scared of changes because it affects lives and even root of successes. But without changes, there can be no progress.

How do you fight against a pharmacy group with 400-branches?
Or deal with the cacao company with 90% market in their pockets?

I am consulting the best company for their area, others are mere second places.
I am also consulting companies that want to emulate the successes of those in number 1.

One of the instincts to be successful is, you must guard your changes and monitor those who you instruct to make changes.
You practically have no choice but be there and make sure they do the changes as recommended.
Others changes become an opportunity to create loop-holes, relax, sabotage with back-doors or just never going to happen at all.

Change  of guards need not be you but those who you entrusted to help.
You don’t fight hand to hand with 400 branches, you think quicker and better,
Your team needs to find answers and take care of self first.
Slowly and surely, you will have 401 as long as you keep changing your guards.
Be wary of your competitions; know who is ahead and who are behind you.

Get the best for the well-worth expenditure.




你如何打擊一個有400支分支的藥店? 還是處理可口可樂公司90%的市場口袋?

我正在諮詢最好的公司為他們的領域,其他只是第二名。 我也是諮詢想要效仿第一名的成功者的公司。

成功的本能之一是,您必須保護您的更改並監控您指示進行更改的人員。 你實際上別無選擇,只能在那裡,並確保他們按照推薦進行更改。 其他變化成為創造循環,放鬆,破壞後門或永遠不會發生的機會。

衛兵的改變不一定是你,而是你委託幫助的人。 你不要與400支分手交手,你覺得更快更好, 你的團隊需要找到答案並照顧自己。 慢慢而且肯定地,只要你不斷改變你的守衛,你將有401。 警惕你的比賽;知道誰是誰,誰在你身後。



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