The Limited “World View”

“Group thinking and tunnel vision are the biggest pitfalls in management and supervision. If you do not consciously look for other perspectives and remain isolated, you will not progress.”
Tunnel vision, is perhaps a classic case where self awareness when left unchecked creates character bias. This would then create a form of repulsion where one will only admits personal think if and when only agreeable with the silos of thinking.

The deliberate selection and then destruction of wider-scope ideas or pre-existing ideas create what we see in the past and presently today. Where the borderline of fanaticism to the individual modelled to one’s perversion of truths.

One cannot fault Hitler or Bush for thinking the way they did. Nor their supporters and that includes in misleading the en masse. As leaders, that is.

Followers that hear but not listen are accomplices to decisons-thereof. Worst still, they choose to amplify, go with the issues, curry the leaders and fail to halt then exercise their individual right thinking in favour of narcissistic tendencies and preventing any other acceptable right minded answers which lies in front of everyone else but them.

Tunnel vision – can be of any engaged topic be it on wealth management, politics, religion and corporate governance that threatens the road to progress.

Undeniably however, we each are bias towards ones own thinking and are owners to them as such, for worse.


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