Purpose and Motive in Life.

Purpose and Motive in life, are two separate words that cannot be joined together.

Having a purpose, is about living your life, how you wish it to be.
Having a motive, is how you wish your life is – depending on others to help you to succeed.

When I first graduated in 1997, I searched the newspaper and found a small column. I read through the requirements, then I wrote in – without referring to my parents or anyone. I didn’t expect much of it.

I got the call.

It’s the UN or rather one of the special branches on management consulting.

As usual, arriving slightly earlier, very early in the morning, all the chairs were occupied by women in power suits, the female version of James Bond.


Despite all, I had felt very confident of myself. My name was later on called and I did well.

The purpose and motive in life – are like water in ocean.
The top part and the under-current. To me, may be different from you – the top part – is the motive, and what drives me – is the bottom part.

How much can I give to serve others and my own ambition. The driver.

To be involved with the UN, at this age – might just kill me.
I will have to be very sure, it is what I really want and whether – it is possible to entertain the idea – that a purpose and a motive – can co-exist in one body, one mind and one soul.

And if I take up this job;
It will just have to be the UN Secretary General at the end of the road.
Which means, everything else – I just have to give up including my current… everything.
That’s how big my hat can be.



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