Please, Be Very Careful of What You Post.

A friend of mine, out of the blue asked me if anyone else had seen what I post?
I asked him why?

He then shared with me the inside knowledge of his world. Off the record, of course.
The world of mass media.

As we seek for audiences to share our experiences – we just have to be careful of how information can be used against us especially when we only listen to one side of the story or even both sides. We are not the judges nor the lawyers for both parties. In fact, we get nothing out of sharing other than being sincere and kind to others.

No one is paying us to do “their” jobs.

comment box

Here are some of my very own basic tips which I will share:

#1. Comment Boxes are Important!

Always run through some of the comments. You get a wider picture of the story. Some stories may be outdated. Most stories whilst are not lies but did not contain sufficient information. And other times, people will add on their own thoughts to it – and deliberately to market out their thoughts, hence misrepresent.

#2. Having a Rank or Title can also mean, NOTHING.

True, a lot of time if a person is officious – a Big Boss, a General of an Army, a Prime Minister; it doesn’t mean its the truth. Even if it’s your own brother or sister.

Most people keep confidentiality to themselves and do not want to hurt your feelings. So they share a bit of their information or what they think it is sufficient for you to know. But not to spread world-wide.

When you start spreading news and make it newsworthy, it is always for certain traceable. The higher you are, the more you are being monitored and checked.

If your cousin is telling you, that his job earns him $60,000 a year. It could be anything. $60,000 as a basic without all the special bonuses. Or $60,000 for 120 hours of work in a year. Even if you are from Income Tax department, he will still tell you, the truth. $60,000 unless of course, you want to further ask for details, his bank account statements, his list of clients etc.

My dad or mom says – and he/she could still be wrong. Do your own homework if you want to start publishing.

#3. Are you plain stupid or lazy?

Most often, people can fall into 2 categories, in my honest opinion.

When United Nations interviewed me in 1997, they had asked me one last question, it may sound silly to you and me.

“Do you have common sense?”

No one asks stupid and sincere questions unless they really want you.

If you are not going to read, write, research, use your brain etc. just be careful that whatever you pass on, are being monitored, filed, photographed, photocopied, and ready to be used back against you. If I’m desperate, I will even sue you for money. Or I just plainly hate you.

Now, if you are still reading this until the very bottom – I very doubt you are in the category of plain lazy or stupid.

I thank you.



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