Corrupted and Corruption

For my financial audit, I always did badly because the subject was sooooo dry to learn.
But throughout my years in application at large and small organisations, and Government agencies, these are very practical day-to-day matters that are hard to put into writing.
One will need to be there to understand the root and level of corruptions.

There are two types of corruptions.

1. Corrupted by the corruptible persons.
2. Corruption, the activity to corrupt of any form.

In my opinion,
One should not be punished for what he or she is not good at or does not know but to be given assistance or direct help until he understands and capable of doing what he or she can do.

Corruption: for example,

If you give a rubber-tapper who had only been 120 days of school, 3 sheets of documents – and ask him to fill up reports on what he had been doing for the past 365 days, he will not be able to do so but have to fork out $$$ to have the form filled or – he “cheats” through the document.

In his mind, is he going to jail for his action?

For the aflluent, power and influence – the measuring tapes will be different.

Corrupted and Corruptible.
– are people who had gained so much from the system and are greedy whether its money, power or fame.
– their intention is to influence others to do their biding and to increase their personal dreams and that of yours and mine through enticement.
– and they will not stop.

Crime and punishment.

Are we going to put almost everyone in jail for daily corruptions? Writing a 5 minute extra on a parking ticket slip, claiming extra 5 sen for a work not done? Telling the cops that you unintentionally park on a yellow line – maybe slip money for a cup of coffee and ask him to take a break.

Of course, there are wider implications – but punishing with chopping off hands, facing firing squad – will not stop daily corruptions.

Advisers and Consultants.

It is not the role of an internal auditor, nor advisers and consultants to be too clever – to catch thieves.

In this world, direct reporting is necessary. What is truth. Not fabricated lies. Again though, reporting should not cover every single thing to the very bottom sens.

The tea lady took another silver spoon again.
One needs to weight the social cost vs. the social impact.
Do we want a corrupt leader.

I bet Queen Elizabeth just take a look, pretended it never happen and just make sure she never works again in the palace where she is. Queen Victoria and her story with Newcastle (later on became a City) is a good example.

Corruption should not be generalised but each case should be taken a look from the base and decisions for it.


Erasmus KL Koay – now preparing the Income Statement of Sunnyview Residence, a consultant for one of the National Farmers’ Association’s business entities, formerly from Citicorp Nominees N.A.


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