Why did Ang Ang cross the Road?

“Ang Ang” means Red in Hokkien chinese-dialect.

So why did Ang Ang cross the Road?
Is it the same as Ang Ang came first or the egg came first?
Would that be the Truth equals the Answers?

I read in a Philosophical page of Camus and his against vs. Nihilism, and one of the comments caught my eyes. “The answer” in a philosophical exchange, in today’s world.

Here’s the culprit to my examination:


My thought to this is:

Truth is very different from an Answer.
A truth is what one witnessed to.
An answer, on the other hand – is what is given to you, an expression – that this is the truth, but more likely to be an opinion.

Example 1:

I was at the dock, seeing a ship sailing off towards the horizon.
I saw it disappeared towards the end of the world.
That’s the truth.
[I’m not getting into the debate of world is round or flat in this case].

The answers given by 3 different lecturers:
1. The world is flat – based on Thomas L. Friendman and ancient people/
2. The world is round – because the globe on my table is rounded.
3. The world is oblong – because the satelite imaging provided, its flatter on both polars, and that the Earth face is pock-marked.

Example 2:

I get a good staff and pay her high salary, but I am worried she cannot get me the financial results.

I tell the staff she gets this salary but to motivate her, she has to do sales of X amount before she can get the high salary she asked for.

Philosophically to me,

One should not say,
Hey, look here – this is the answer.
Your’s is wrong.

In all answers, there are some truths to it.
In all truths, there may be no answers for the questions.

So when do answers become truths?
When results are revealed.

That’s my truthful answer.


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