Why Get a Management Consultant?

Whenever I meet someone new in business, his or her first few questions are:

How can your work help me?
What is a management consultant?
What do management consultants actually do?

A short description of a scenario

Main Mission: Fix the holes of an American financial banking group.
Secondary Mission: Find out where the missing money went and bring them back.
Activity: 3 months – including all Saturdays and Sundays. 8am to 11pm.
Result: Classified.

That’s something that I was involved with one of the Big 8 in those days. Many aeons ago.

Management consultant are not born, they are bred.

There is just too many things to learn up in a quick time and each of us don’t live 300 years. We would wish to if its to solve our cases. It takes character and real interest to be a management consultant. And we don’t normally start of immediately one. I was from financial auditing and accounting industry.

I just love challenges and puzzles – no, for me its not the rubik cube but I used to play lots of chess games. We tend to handle lots of people, time and managing of issues. Plus there’s always the constant learning, self-learning and discoveries to be made.

More often management consultants I myself gets in, tend to be observant by nature in their area of interests. Anything that gets into the radar — gets noticed by them.

Working as a team.

No complete mission is successful working alone. For excellent results, a management consultant has to create alliances with the staff, the key management, build bridges, engineer thoughts and ideas.

The most important aspect of handling a case, is seeing results, whether good or bad – its still a an outcome and we want to know how far we can progress, with the right people, right resources and right time.

Time as Measurement.

A lot of our clients had invested time into getting people and send them for lots of training. Not all people can cope with everything or be too much of multi-taskers. The staff knows what are required but achieving requirements, may be beyond them — through no fault of theirs.

24/7/365 – non-stop, over and over again.

Different client, same problems, different solutions needed.
It is not about discipline. It is about being idealistic.
We see patterns, we analyse them well.
Different eyes and perspectives.
We went through processes.
Getting things done.
On time.

A management consultant is not one to trifle with.
They are there, so that others can get good rests.
Before their tuns are needed.

consulting game


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