What Trump Means to Me.

Trump, trump, trump,
Sounds of marching boots,
Hail Donald, stand aside,
For the Commander-in-Chief is here.

It was early in the morning when I followed the Inauguration of the 45th. The speech, lunch and pomp went all well including the middle-finger gesture he made when he signed his first executive orders (5:03 to 5.18) in President Donald J. Trump In Office Signing First Executive Orders at Signing Ceremony.

Trump is definitely under the full scrutiny of media who looked into every nuances of this man and he does not hide his emotion. A man who scorns, being narcissistic, demeans others especially women and promise to exact revenge among his few extreme behaviours. That aside, he was twice married, a father and grandfather to his family.

As one of the first few reality series, The Apprentice – I had enjoyed the show tremendously as there’s a lot to learn and accept from failures which can eventually lead to success. I have books written on his ideas to share. His simple, direct to point actions provide clear cut instructions at task level. However it is where human relations with the slight majority of the Americans and the rest of the world that he really needs to be better.

Should a person be himself or improve for the better? Aren’t these two beliefs contradictory?

Image result for don't change yourself for anyone

Image result for improve yourself

Or – can it really mean, to be yourself, one should try to improve self every so often by taking the positives. One can be influenced by good  and  bad factors.

The challenge to me is for Trump to convincingly lead an undivided nation. How can you be the CEO of a company where 50% of the staff don’t feel like working with you? How can a nation progress forward if half does not trust you to lead well for others and presumably for self? For the USD 3.7 billion worth, where’s the tax returns that should be contributed like any tax-payers do?

For all the messages that were passed down by him to executives – could be unraveled by his attitudes and treatment towards others unless he takes in his own advice and strive to unite his people for a better good. No two individuals are the same. Definitely there are those who love Trump like their own family members and then there are those who cringe at the hypocrisy of his being. We’re not even touching on whether those people are of Republicans or a Democrats – but just mere humans.

What Trump means to me, is that you and I cannot entrap ourselves in the “holier than thou” thinking. If we can see his bullet-ridden vest, surely we can mirror them on ourselves.

Trump is now the 45th President of the “divided” states, it’s his journey. Let’s look forward to ours.


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