Lucifer – Did You Really Fall?

I believe it was John Nash Jr. who came up with a simple games theory predicting humans movements and intentions. This had included non-cooperative games.

If Lucifer, one of the greatest angels of the nine classes of angels refuses to cooperate with God, who are we and other angels to stand in his ways? Or unless, he was part of a big game plan – to know the enemy, is to be [with] the enemy.

In all seriousness,

There’s a difference between a “fall” and “glide”.

A Fall

When a person fall, it is totally unexpected from what was intended and planned. Or even totally beyond comprehension given the surrounding conditions.

For example:-

  1. Adverse and irreversible market conditions;
  2. The opposite to enjoyment of leadership popularity leading to total collapse – the Arabs’ Spring.
  3. Against all prediction, unless of course some weird guy or gal is looking at the different direction from all the rest of the world.
  4. Technically, if a bridge collapse, it means there was serious flaws from budgeting to planning, to resources and implementation. Whatever it was – the calculation for load to ratio basis etc. was serious and totally wrong, even as a qualified professional.
  5. Strategically it can be seen. Tactically and Operationally – the gut-feel and instinct could not have saved the entire team or its hierarchy and thus collapse from bottom up.

A Glide

A retiring movement, a time for replacement, comprehending the need to rest and retreat via a fundamental prediction which everyone uses, the end is predictably nigh, wear and tear, succession.

In sum,

To predict a fall, one needs to go insane to see the other side of the world.

Predicting the Fall of Mourinho in 2010.



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