Debunking Racial Discrimination

I wish to debunk this article and many more social events that are not new phenomenons.

“Are Malay Graduates And Job Seekers Being Discriminated In Malaysia?
Yes, They Are.”

As careful as I am writing it, someone might just take a snapshot from a line- or a paragraph- and used it for his or her own articles – as to the existence of racial discrimination. This normally happens to any social media, public media and public news.

Nevertheless, its alright.

There was a time  I was introduced to a small team 8 hired consultants from a Big 8 and two others from New York and Milan, who will work with me.  The 8 hired consultants are Malaysians and non-Malays, non-American Black, purportedly hired for RM 1 million for a few months job until they finish their mission. So we worked for long hours- 7 days a week for about a month.

Now- fast-forward 2 decades later.

The CEO of that company is now an American of Indian descendant. No, not Red Indians but from India. Vikram is his name.

The astute question would be why such an important job, there were no Malays, no American Black involved?

Working for myself and responsible for my clients’ organisational growth, here’s the response.

1. Throughout history – from Greek, Roman, Chinese, Persian, Indian, Malay, Japan empires – always kept their own people closest. Until such time their own people decided to live like emperors themselves and gave all the jobs to someone else – mercenaries. So what happen next, history will tell you.

1. the job is repetitive and boring,
2. the pay is poor,
3. Bodyguards have ambitions to be guarded and not guarding.

2. Selection of people – clients need to understand you. And you need to understand clients. People who ended up terminated are usually because they cannot close the communication gap. No one is listening to someone.

If there’s anyone to blame for the discrimination, its ourselves.
Our mentality.

We are too inward looking.
We don’t dare to compete where others are strong at, because we are not that good yet.

That reality assessment – to be brutally honest, hurt because our pride and ego tells us, we are very, very good for others to tell us, we are not there yet, on a global scale.

But this is why we call it – profession and professionals.
You work harder to be better and don’t expect handouts.

3. Afraid of errors. We are afraid of correcting our own professional mistakes. Admit we had been wrong and rectify for fear of being sued, reclamation, abused or scolded loudly at. We don’t want to be seen wrong.

You need to tweak your communication, your messages, your thinking, your own people, your leadership skills, your marketing and everything there is – that needs if you want to have that person’s interest. But, you shouldn’t change yourself.

Think of it as this way.

There’s a pretty woman, you wish to date for the first time.
You buy new clothes, new deodorant, go for a haircut, go to see a manicurist for the first time. You went for the date, got her interest.

After that – its now all up to you.
How you want to maintain the interest and relationship.
Is race or religion now important as to the choice of your love?

The Social Selection as a norm.

When you look for a prospective partner, client, man or woman, you have an image in mind – who the person is going to be. You will quickly filter out those who you know or don’t fit into your plans. Its stereotyping but is it wrong to do so? No, it keeps you safe, comfortable and most of all, you know you can get things done – easier and better.

That is the objective to get things finished up quickly and with better quality result.

Having said that – it should not stop us, humans, from experimenting.
Because what gives us the edge over competitors – is the culture shock.
Expect the unexpected.

For now,
America leads the way.
Until the next President, that is.


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