“Drunken” State of the World.

A Muslim must not drink alcohol.
The word drunken would have suggested one who had imbibed such substance to maintain state of unreasonableness.

But THIS is the world we inherit.

The old world as we entered into the 21st century is gone.
The long time leaders, dictators, founders of new and modern countries – by right should have left the scene and stick to the original retirement plans.

In the wider context of things, with the ending days of those connected with Colonial eras of the British, Dutch and other countries, whereas Russia, India and China remained with their holds in other satellite countries.we are in a total chaotic modern world.


For one, our global economic is still depressed since 2000s, post-2008 and today.

There are some countries still reeling from effect to the lack of apparent good leadership handovers, others are stuck at the wheels of changes – not going forward but in actual fact, sliding backwards.

Is there a failure to multiculturalism?

Why then have we been teaching for decades in Year 1, on communication, globalisation and multiculturalism

But we still have people thrown off from planes due to wide-spread Islamophobia, today.


So today it is Islamphobia. 500 years ago ago, it was Christianophobia and prior to that, we have Emperor-phobia.

When do people start reading media – understand the relationship, meaning and context of truth (because some times, truths can hurt badly) – and then start using their brains and apply some common-sense to reach new heights.

Otherwise ordinary people will be led like cows to slaughter who think only about what they want and not what you want for your family and self.

And the way they will begin their talks with you, is with middle-finger at you first  before they even listen to you.



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