Drawing Inspiration from Others

“Why don’t you write a story based on yourself?” asked the late prominent leader.

In the course of our heart-to-heart talk and meeting for the first time, the 90 year old asked about my background, my family background, my interest, my work etc.

Reasons offered was he’s meeting me for the very first time, he had wanted to know more about me and he was curious why would I want to write about him.

What are my real intentions, that’s what he had repeated several times, looking straight dead-eye at me.

The 4 hours we’d spent together alone – there was no biography agreed and no recordings made that day.

I must’ve failed in my intention.

For I have no story to share to the world on his behalf. But after so many years had past since his passing in 2010 and my own journey thereafter, I had come to realize that he was indeed remarkably wise and true to words.

And yes, even though as much as I want to write about Lim Chong Eu though I never grew up with him, not work with him or spoke more than a day with him privately, a part of me – does have story to share with others.

People inspiring people.

I like listening to people’s journey and understand their perspectives.

I like sharing ideas and be involved in good honest, non-prejudice dialogues with others.

A lot of times, even for my little jokes and the pictures in WordPress, are drawn from other people’s inspirations.

I’m at my age, still learning not to interject others during their turns, in my obvious enthusiasms to start and end the sentences others are on. If my brain falls asleep, normally I won’t say much other than just hear.

What makes things worth discovering in our life, is the people who inspire me as I do the same back to them. The good feel.


Here I like to take the opportunity to thank countless of people for the artworks etc. which I’m doing a bad job of not referencing to the individuals or group of people for ease of speed. But their end results, help my own to look better than I could’ve ever achieve on my own.


A good model of life inspiration is to live through being with others who can be the same or much different from our mindset. Being in an excellent team, for example because people inspires people. From there on, other aspects of life improves – like innovation and creativity, a motivation boost in career performance and leading a more industrious life.

Collaborating with a diverse group of right people, can and will improve our center of being individually excellent.

Do it, don’t just try it.

One of the best authors by my reckoning is Tom Clancy and it had been years since I last picked his book.

So – I guess its about time to finish up Rainbow Six.



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