Le Critique Du Pokemon GO

A very short story.


A thousand years from now, at the crowded symposium where the famed 50 year old Dr Guo, from Malaysian University of Trend and Technology delivered his key-presentation.

“We dug up a crypt and found one of the skeletons clutching this -” he held up a 7-in by 3-in black case,

“Which after 5 years of intensive research by my team, we have concluded that the world was consumed by strange little creatures running at public places by the millions, only to be trapped and enslaved. But it was justifiable as a lot of humans were fined for having possession of these dangerous creatures, leading to a lot of deaths, destruction of private properties and even… even… attacking the religions at that time until Pokemon was summarily banned by the clerics.”

A 9 year old girl sitting at the last row, said, “They are just games. You know nothing.”

Majority of the audiences shushed her – saying she’s young, she’s jealous that she didn’t discover anything of importance, she haven’t read the research notes, she didn’t live the life of a thousand year old person etc.

After 3 hours of serious pitching including the robotic life display of full size Pikachu’s using possible reconstructed-DNA found near the tomb, all the Professors clapped each other’s backs, job well done.

10 years later,

Rei the girl now in an ark heading to Uranus, with her – pokemons – no humans except maybe — that one in the corner. the much older almost senile husband, our dear Dr Guo.

The. End?



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