Algorithm of Life

Watching this under-6 seconds world record at Rubik Cube, gave me the sweats on my palms and totally impressed.

Would I want to touch a cube?


There are so many things in the world that fascinates me.
To want to know, to want to explore,
To ask questions, to get answers.
But most times, I get bored studying – things I’m useless at.

Like…….. singing, playing the organ, ball-room dancing, playing basketball.

You name it, I tried them and over the years, I recognised the things I’m very pretty good at and those where I should leave the things to passionate experts.

To me, my algorithm is understanding people.

People and their behaviour fascinates me.
1 person – can be easily interpreted.
But a group of people, provides very different equation.

People tends to behave differently when more people join the group.

One day, a boss asked me – “Are you able to brainwash my staff?”
I said, I can, I might be able to but I won’t.
If I do that, then the first person I will brain-wash, is the boss.
Asking him to pay me more. 😛

Humans should decide for themselves how they should determine their lives for the better or worse.

I hate some of those people out there who manipulate others but I don’t interfere with what they do. I will just write things objectively.

Another story is when one fine day, I walked into my boss’ (I have many bosses in my life) room, I didn’t know that he is so high up in the banking world because usually he and I are always the first two to arrive to work. I’m suppose to make appointment to see his secretary, book a time etc. before I just go in and say hi to him.

Well, this time – I have a complain. So I told him, look – we are doing this thing wrong. He picked up the phone and called my immediate supervisor who came in. He asked, “Is this true?”

My supervisor said, “No, all is well.”

Later on, my supervisor pulled me over – this guy is a great guy – I didn’t know I will get him into trouble. “Listen, I got a family and 6 kids. In a few months, you will be gone. I have been here for twenty years. I cannot lose this job.”

Later on, I left, we still kept in contact. And my supervisor told me, that they had changed to my recommendations after I left.

If there’s a moral story to my algorithm of life, that’s to know whilst we want to achieve the best, there should be better ways in doing it right.

A lot of times until today, I have not found the perfect method in communicating my ideas to a lot of people to achieve what we want.

For me, I cannot wait for changes to happen, so if I cannot find the solution in there, then usually I move on instead of troubling others.

Small and large things will worry me so I’m learning to let go.

Like this missing tag which I had found in an armchair, that I took it with me and I’d kept for years wondering whether I got the Chief of Security fired off.

But reasoning myself, the answer is no because some things don’t really matter in life.

You just need to let go.
You can only worry so much.
And do only what you are good at.
Not a under-6 second problem.



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