What Advice do you have for the Younger Generation ?


On reflex and defensively, I must’ve said, “I AM not old.”

Then again, I cannot remember. Sign of aging? 😉

When I first wrote my business email to a total stranger, I ended with a smiley face.
I was thinking, what the heck am I doing.
And the person replied, with a smiley face too.
We’re in sync, for all generations.

Don’t limit yourself.

Sure, you can complain, lament, we all do.
Young, old and too damn old.

We were all young once.

Go and meet, chat with people who are smart, intelligent, successful and kind enough to share their wealth of experiences, regardless of their ages. Trust me, the more effort you try, the smarter you can get – if you do homework after.

I often get this comment,

When I am with a group of clever people, I feel stupid.

Lessons in classroom ends, the moment you have decided to interact with others.

Make your own along the way.

Don’t know,
Just ask but don’t steal their ideas.

Most importantly, have fun at it.
Make mistakes, but make sure you come out alive.


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