The Aware-less Environment

That’s right.

We are in the Aware-less environment and not Awareness environment.

A lady had called me on the phone yesterday and was introducing herself that shes from a car-maker company where I had gone to do car-servicing 2-3 days ago. She asked me on my satisfaction-level.

I laid it out to her as I had did with a few people about my satisfaction level whoever I chanced on, within the span of the few days.

Totally not satisfied.

Engine_coolant.jpgShe went quiet and not sure how to continue. Then I asked the lady, “Your voice sounds familiar. Are you Ms So-and-so whom I met at the car workshop?” She said yes. She asked me why am I not satisfied and cringed because she knew what I was about to say.

Now, I was deciding whether to ask her to forget the whole incident and leave it out of her report or to repeat back what I told her immediately when I discovered their error.

My coolant was low several weeks ago before Ramadan. The workshop had said they are full and advised me what their mechanic had advised me not to do. Put water and mix with the coolant. Fine.

Later on, I had gone for servicing because my aircon coolant was lowering. But I was told to do full servicing costing tons of money and they were suggesting I should do flushing of my coolant (removing of old and replacing entirely) for 5 times the cost if I have just buy a bottle and top it up on my own.

After 2.5 hours later, my car was washed, vacuumed, I was satisfied. I took it for a road-trip and on the aircon, thinking its so much better. But I had a hunch.

I stopped the vehicle and opened the bonnet.

The coolant, was not touched.

The Aware-less world is a world where you:

1. are using social media to talk to people when you are standing behind the Pope giving out his time to do his God’s work, in all the large screens shown around the world as you are caught on super-resolution cam.

2. writing to people on a Whatsapp as the next Speaker went up on the stage and taking only questions related to you. You are uninterested but you pretended to be interested.

3. 5 years ago, when you are popular, your email said, I will answer you in a week, I’m too busy. Only to one day asked, Are you all still interested in me? Can you take a survey please?

You’re not Aware.

And you still want to hold down to your job.


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