Whiners and Winners

“Obama failed America.”
and the list went on and on and on and on……

3 years ago after my multiple trips here there everywhere, even when I put my own money into the stakes – the ones who came up with the fantastic ideas, sat back and went quiet.

Then they moved on, I too decided I had enough, I moved on.

Then I slowly chipped the granite and only put in those who has priorities for my team.

I had invested outside of Malaysia as well. The Philippines was one of such places. But that didn’t go well the way I had wanted.

But there were others that went not too badly and that is due to the fact of the long-standing business relationship as client-consultant or involving in NGOs with bilateral relationships.

The basis is Opportunities are everywhere, if you dare to take it up.

If you are given a chance, but you had decided – its not very important to you,
Then, the onus is on you and not the opposing party.

For those whom I have delisted, unfriended here there, deleted – the world does not end for the both of us.

Its a new beginning and to me, real friendship last forever and does not have any monetary or non-monetary value. Our paths will cross again, eventually, somehow, somewhere.

Best of luck.



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