Scarcity: Speaking Out. Your Mind.

The year was 1990-1991, at a school hall.

I was not supposed to be speaking at what was the Fourth and Fifth Former’s tradition, The Cheeseman Elocution.

I don’t even know what is Elocution.

When our chap couldn’t make it up the stage, I had gamely decided to say something because the one who organised the entire event was our English teacher.

I ended up speaking. Something. Had to think of a topic. Ok- pick something “simple”. Talk about teacher and stuffs.

Heck, how long was this timer be?

Finished. Done. Went back to join the others. And we never talked about it since.

In the days where I was in the Debate team, I usually line myself up as the 3rd speaker. Sure, I can talk but I don’t really know what to talk about. So I ended up looking at how others went and just copy what they do. Hoping to get away without much harm.

But most importantly to me, I am speaking from what I think its right.

Nowadays as I go through speeches, people tended to be heckled and booed for the wrong and worst reasons. Worst still for the speakers, they may be right but they were largely left unsupported, by even close friends.

If you think you are right and you share your thoughts,
You shall have my single vote  and a big clap on the back,
even though I can disagree with your content.

Take care.


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