Contribute What We Can and Know.

I was “lost” on the way to some where, when I noticed an incomplete, work-in-progress very tall residential building.

My first thought was – they had allocated a huge “open” car park at the 2-story high base with spindly pillars of supports. Support columns are not many. It’s not designed to withstand earthquake.

But, hey – we are in Malaysia.

1. Contractors can tell you that they used the best of architecture designs which do not require lots of resources. True.

2. 6 legs are better than 4 legs. And 4 legs are better than 3 legs, and 3-legs are definitely way better than 1 leg. No matter how stable the legs are. True.

If I’m a natural disaster or a terrorist, I know what I will be looking for.

But of course, nowadays you tend to meet developers, construction companies etc.

How good and reliable are they?

Same as how good and reliable am I at consulting?

trust2Well, if its on Quality Management Systems and Food Safety Management Systems, which I have more success stories and I do my homework,  chances are I’m better than the accountant I was trained, years back.

Sure, I know the basic of accounting, but that doesn’t mean I’m the best in accounting. What you want, is the best.

For our local Malaysian construction, companies should go for QLASSIC (CIS 7:2014) and the SHASSIC (CIS 10:2010) programmes which are relevant to construction industry.

My case, ALL companies should obtain the ISO 9001:2015 as a base and should not stop there. They have to take the additional QLASSIC and SHASSIC on their specific fields.

It is akin to me having to advice a food company to obtain HACCP and ISO 22000, to be followed suit by FSSC 22000, specifically for food for which I’m qualified as a lead auditor. It is not sufficient to have HACCP or ISO 22000 and stop at there because these certificates are generic.

Unfortunately, the QLASSIC and SHASSIC seemed to not include ISO 9001 and ISO 18001 as a form of supplement or pre-requisite, given its International leanings.

What is Generic and What is Speciality?

Does everyone in this world clean their house? Yes.
And you get a variety of answers when you asked how often.

– when there’s guest coming.
– when I feel like it.
– once a week.
– every day.
– when its dirty.
– when there’s festive season.

When there’s someone to clean it, myself, a maid or some thing.

So, everyone does it.Spring-Cleaning-3-Vent-300x168

How clean is it?

And that is what is meant by being, a Specialist.

Relates to Quality, Marketing, Branding, Human Resources, Motivation and Pride.

So if I want a home, it better be built, to last.


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