No Deep-Pocket Here.

A single unit of resource is important to those in need of them.

In the case of Central Banks – to divert funds meant for Industries to Commercial, should not be taken lightly.

In the world of micro-economy, it is good to put money into people’s pocket but how are these money being used?

1. Buy entertainment?
2. Do drugs to forget the bad situation?
3. Gamble?
4. Invest in some unreliable quick-rich-scheme?
5. A bottle of Jamaican Rum and go rasta…….

It is different if one invest those funds into areas of industries where the funds are used for encouraging hiring of more units of human resources that will spend the money internally, critical researches for creation of shared wealth and income, collaborations and contribution towards local economies.

Without the funds, many companies will have their resources will eventually shored up as other nations are facing the same cut from the same cloth.

The proof of concepts must be deliverable and not just mere lip-service.




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