The Half-Barreled Creativity

When dealing with ideas, best to be as near to the root of source if possible.

Most information gets distorted by people who think they are on brink of something new.

Years back when I was in a discussion, I was asked for an opinion of a new subject matter that was then seemingly popular at that time in the ivory towers. “What do you think of xxxx-yyyyy?” which is combination of separate words.

For example:


The actual chinese word for crisis does not refer to opportunity. Because of some smart person, advising a popular person therefore it was thought that chinese coined the word “opportunity” in some yin-yang, karma way of looking out from a crisis.

I think any words can be meaningful but it is better to find out the root of words itself and determine its value for what they are.

When people are more confident of what they are doing, no matter what – they will not listen to reason. Worst still if they don’t do their own first-hand research and relied on others.

Chanting Blue Ocean Strategy in meetings – doesn’t really give one the ability to think more innovative nor creatively. It’s just forcing people to try to think better when its not.

Call it a sham, a MLM, a marketing ploy – the chances for a viral is here to stay on perception that most humans think like herd-animals and thus having herd-mentality.

Now, that is indeed a reality.

blue ocean.jpg



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