There are 3-side to a Coin.

There was a time I approached this man who had been in his position for many years.
Self-sufficient guy, super-nice guy, great ideas.
He said come over.
So I came.

Few months later his business closed.
He was employed as one of the top people elsewhere,
For a large corporation.

Self-confidence? Over-experienced?

Most people believe the coin will fall either on one side or the either. Very few, will consider something else.

Because, the Law of Thinking in their minds, tell them – its correct.

Maybe, I got lost in the building.
Maybe, I took on the role of Jim Hawkins and ended up in an apple-barrel.
Maybe, I have overheard the mutineers what they intended to do.
Maybe, they think I don’t understand what’s going on, so I don’t have brains.
Maybe, they themselves are too fed-up, they just don’t care who hears.
Maybe, they talked over this 1,000 times but the Boss never listen and don’t expect any action.

Well, I did warn him in subtle ways and he replied – he will find quick replacements, etc. because the trend is such.

Maybe, I shouldn’t warn him.
Maybe, he thinks I’m a smart-aleck and I have no business telling him what he should be doing.
Maybe — its his time to go so that others can occupy his seat.

Maybe, this is the first edition of Treasure Island but it doesn’t look like it.

But whatever it is, I’m definitely not telling him who the mutineers are because they have their own lives to command.


The coin just rolled into a fish-tank and disappeared from sight.

No treasure here.

Maybe, I was wrong.

Treasure Island


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