In the name of Science, Death is necessary?

Do you remember James Phipps? No? Impossible.

What about Edward Jenner and smallpox? Yes?

Well- On 14 May 1796, Jenner tested his hypothesis by inoculating James Phipps, an eight-year-old boy who was the son of Jenner’s gardener. He scraped pus from cowpox blisters on the hands of Sarah Nelmes, a milkmaid who had caught cowpox from a cow called Blossom, whose hide now hangs on the wall of the St George’s medical school library. Now, Jenner  took “a healthy boy, about eight years old for the purpose of inoculation for the Cow Pox”.

James survived. Edward became famous and Mr Phipps well, in the name of science, his contribution was made in a footnote.

So why didn’t Edward Jenner test it on himself? Because then there’s no one to perfect the cure especially if he’s wrong and he dies.

What about people who threw themselves out of high tower with wings made of goose?
Or perhaps exploded during a space trip? Where are the scientists?

Again, generals stay at home because they are important to make sure successes are achieved.

Therefore – scientists or just about anyone who want to test their theories MUST ensure that their work can be relied on, for those who died in “unfinished experiments”can never come back.

You chance to survive through “ooooops” a known accident to happen?




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