Reciprocate is Safer than Taking Revenge

A lot of times, some people – feared that I would take revenge over their certain pasts. I still do meet them over gatherings and reunions.

Since young, I taught myself that to take revenge – leads to regressive actions and demise of one actual successes. Years later, I’d teamed up with project teams from private life and universities to explore and enlarge my ideas.

As backdrops of ideas, I have miles and miles histories of rise and fall of prominent families, governments and nations.

Now what if the collaborators of the projects I’m involved knew each other personally before (ex-bed partners?) and started to rile up against one another including me. Horrendous, stressful and going nowhere.

Newton’s 3rd Law provides

In the game of chess that I used to play against stronger opponents, I may match moves when my opponent start move first. In team long-distance running and team keirin races in velodromes, lead racers are often the pacers. The objective should be that everyone reaches safe and sound, on-time. When the lead gets tired or clueless, the 2nd person behind the lead, takes over and the cycle continues.

In social media and computer world where there are more people who tend to keep to themselves, some may accidentally turn into what is known as cyber-bully.

Cyber-bullies have describable attitudes that are common among us. For example, ego is common among us. There is no such thing as someone without an ego. It is a matter of how much ego does one have.

In every situation, where bullies are present, the concept of dominance, authority and power comes into mind. In a dynamic world, role-reversal is common as bullies naturally become victims to larger bullies and the cycle continues.

Reciprocreativity can create awareness.
Of both side, hopefully.
But the outcome depends on the two counter-parties.

Otherwise, I will apply what I will do in my business and non-profit organisations.

Just walk-away after providing good grounds of reason to do so.
Instead of just leaving abruptly.



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