The Devil in Trust Based Relationship

Since young, my behaviour reports by my teachers, lecturers – gave me 10 out of 10, in trust and integrity. Doing sports, had the lowest score. Fine, ok – I’ll have to get by with that then.

Unfortunately being absolute honest has its own downside. No one really likes a do-gooder as we all tend to lean on imperfections for escapisms. Including myself.

So here are some facts, muses, Q&A that I’m reflecting and answering as honestly as I would want to tell all.

1. In an interview (which was not arranged by me) with then Top 1 Accounting Firm upon graduation, I was asked, “If I, as your managress, give you a specific instruction to do something and you think in your opinion, is not right. Will you do my way being the most experienced or your way?”

My way.

So I went back to face the music (which my promoter got to know the results even before I knew it myself) that I was not going to be hired.

Years later, the Firm was forced to close down, due to… well, its a big worldcom news.

2. A UN interview with 3 smart-suited people. Last question, “Do you have common sense?”


Quiet room that ended with solid thank yous, we shall never meet again.

If I have common sense, I wouldn’t have asked my interviewees this question. Apparently I have wasted our time.

3. Did you tell one of my kids – not being part of a big plan?


a. I was no longer engaged at that time. I’m just an outsider where I don’t live with the kid.
b. Even though I may not have told the kid, he/she must’ve gotten the feed from somewhere, I don’t know where.
c. I’m pretty sure the mind is made up no matter what my explanation might be. So I saved ourselves from the long-winded explanation and concentrate on moving forward.

4. Would you want to collaborate with Samsung?


Or maybe…

Definitely not selling the best ideas immediately. Maybe the first few early techs and saving the best ones for last.

5. Do you trust yourself?

Last year, at a private exclusive club – I had banged my fists  angrily on the table, at my Host, few others and was asked to calm down. My notional thought was to safeguard large public funds that don’t belong to us that we care-take. Obviously there were two vast different ideas whereby I exited from all positions which I had held for almost 2 decades.


I might have want to pick up a fork and pickled his hand just to let off steam. That’s the max I will want to do if I do get to a point. Then again, I trust myself not to let personal anger get the best of me too excessively.

Testimonials are not enough. One has to do what is in letters and words.

Prove it by earning it.
Prove it by doing and delivering the intent.

That being said, there will be definitely going to be costs and damage control along the way.

Already I’d had prioritised and removed some 500-names in a 4-hour blitz — be it people I had met, still meeting up or mere acquaintances. There’s always a potential to collaborate, in future. But the reason for that has to be meaningful.

That’s how honest, life can get.



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