How to Create an MNC for Malaysia

LS Sya published in 2005, Branding Malaysia, which parroted the then-PM of Malaysia, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, “Brand Malaysia is the next big task!”

In itself -it contained the needs to be an icon, the change of mindsets and working culture. The last chapter #30 was allocated 6 pages – delivering on your brand promise.

To me, that’s the marketing aspect of the entire book – from a brand and marketing person. What LS Sya wrote indeed is important to brand Malaysia but what is important to me, today – not in 2005, is how to get a company up, running, delivering a promise and then, we go into branding a company for Malaysia.
This is a symbol and a brand of a car company that dabbled with a technology unlike others before with “success”.

The success – depends on what do you mean by it. In early 2013, it made it first profit, then as “…an American automotive and energy storage company that designs, manufactures, and sells electric cars, electric vehicle powertrain components, and battery products.”

In 2014, Daimler and Toyota had exited by selling their shares in Tesla. Ambitious as the company is, it started to launch and popularise self-driving autonomous cars to the public.

What happen next would eventually affect the Brand of this company. Mark my words.


How do we want to build an MNC for Malaysia and why?

For the first part, MNC means multi-national corporations which also mean, a company that has physical presence not just in one country but many countries.


Well, I think the definition itself is insufficient as there are a lot of companies with multi-sites in many countries these days. An IT company can have 2 sites, one in Penang, Malaysia for 20 staff and one in Taipei, Taiwan with 5 staff for marketing purposes. So is it an MNC? No.

I think the explanation had to be broaden to include: an MNC by definition has to fulfill certain criteria including the number of work forces, the level of accomplishments including R&D budgets, the recall systems in the case of mass failures, the sphere of influences in a large sector or in a community,  such as providing jobs to 10,000 engineers and had sub-contracted 60% of its turnover to support  30 to 300- small-medium enterprises and industries, as an example.

With that definition, then we can start to imagine, how to build an MNC whether its RM 2 billion turnover would achieve all the above but having to also consider its financial strength, that there’s a negative, 200 million net losses each year for the last 5 years before eventually making a gain.

That itself would be one matter for the Government and the Corporate Malaysia to expand the local interpretation of success comparing to global companies and where that organisation stands in the big picture.


So we are in this stage where my team will adopt a company which will then leap onto the next stage. Most small companies would be wanting to survive first, with RM 1 to 5 million turnover with sufficient cash in bank and some profit to sustain continuity.

A lot of businesses, small to large do not make it after some years, when their projects or products failed to realise. Thus earlier, I brought in the subjects on brand and Tesla – stating more needs to be understood before a company can truly be a future MNC.

The way as a company or “how” had to be addressed and that can only be properly addressed when the products or its services are launched with its quality having a very minimal rate of failures. Akin to reaching 6 sigma though not necessary, depending on the risk and returns. I recommend for a company to get its delivery right, the first time, to any of its consumers, customers or clients.

The days of disorganisations, lack of clear strategies and communication means, the falsifying of records to meet regulatory and legislative requirements must stop. Period. The activities to improvise, make better must be disciplined into the business – where the management themselves should not decide to cut-corners which would affect the product.

What do I mean by that?

Conside this scenario of a company:

The lab had produced great results, products had been launched.

But because of lacking in resources – staff, raw materials, etc. many companies continue to market their products and services as the one that had been lab-tested instead of initiating a whole round of new tests after changes in the original make up.

Reason being, cost of test takes time and money to redo. So the top management decided to “just do it” and keep things hush-hush to its customers and even from other staff who are not involved in the changes.


The easiest to see this problem, is in hawker’s food when the food preparers are the same person, the price can be the same but the food quality had gone south, overnight.

The inventor for the food, the architect or the engineer of the company must re-test, re-calibrate if they want to keep the same quality or – to announced the changes with a different pricing, options and packages to their customers.

Once this had been accomplished, what comes later on in the how in becoming an MNC, would be much more realisable.

Let’s create the first MNC of Malaysia which provide creation of new generation of products, projects and jobs, globally and responsibly.


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