Acknowledgement Comes First?

After I had gotten back the edited chapter, my “co-driver” and I discussed what’s the next plan. I told him, lets not write it as a biography of someone who can share something that benefits the world. After all, the son was not supportive of a key-statement. Why not we write it in fiction-style and still deliver the message. “Why not, we don’t write it at all if it’s going to be fiction?” was the well-marked retort.

One day he called, and I said to him, “Speak up, I can’t hear you.” I should’ve gone to see him immediately for he was only 10 minutes driving range. He passed on with throat cancer. Great guy. There’s those who called him a Commie but he was truly one of the great chaps with fervent ideas to improve the place he was in.

Sorry, no pictures ‘coz I guess we were camera-shy.

A year pass, two, and so on.


I absolutely need to write this book – which I think it’s going to be awesome achievement at the end of the day. And still keeping with the intention that its going to benefit people at large. But seriously, I don’t like the book section called “Self-Help”. Not that it is demeaning, but that’s what it is. That people needs to be self-helped.

Maybe, if I have a stable job that I don’t have to look at what I doing – its on top of my skill-ability checklist- still have time to quietly write the book, open a book-store with the section, “U” for you and yourself, the university of life and “U” whatever is nice about, its way cooler than self-help. I would’ve have “U” myself.

acknowledgementThis site is also for me to get things rolling and not to procrastinate so much. Get used to reading, researching, thinking and writing.

I hope, you will enjoy my writings.

Oh yeah, after finishing almost the first chapter – leaving from the seat for a few months, I returned back to – editing and added the preface.

The reason “Why write this book” and with too many people to thank for, maybe – I won’t name any of them except to keep them in my thoughts, heart,mind and soul.




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