The Love-Hate ‘ship with Anyone

I’m not sure where this writing will end up. It was on my mind how it should go but I was waiting for the time where, people have the chance to read what I’d written earlier before I came out with another piece. During the hours that had passed from moot to now, the title topic stays but the content had shifted by miles.

First of all… I love/hate the image at the top. Fact is, I love the symbology of the subject matter, but its the only 1 image provided so far in chicago tribune, that even as I try to sourced for a sharper image from elsewhere, none can be found. I love the image, one of the kind, I hate the image ‘cos its not going to bring out the best in this write-up.

Nevertheless… let’s go.

So, I’m pursuing this one guy, who could be a massive fulcrum for a futuristic project in mind. He’s the kinda guy that’s cool, super-intelligent, nerdy and has this heart that he wants to be a billionaire through what he had shown to Forbes, CNN, Bloomberg and many others who had tried his latest invention, that he’s only interested in wafer-thin profit margin. I loved for the fact that he is willing to make a $10 profit for something he will sell to the current market at $60, for the cost of $50 unlike the rivals who are selling the products at tens of thousands per item.billgate

My time, a lot of my people around me, absolutely hate this guy, who was like in Justin Bieber’s situation – the person, you absolutely love-hate or vice-verse.

Bill Gates by then and now, is one of the faces you would recognise mostly anywhere in the world for what he does – an invention that lasted for decades. His personal wealth puts him right on top of everyone else for decades – and someone you may want to look up to in order to achieve things.

Should he stop world hunger?

Now assuming a family requires $12,000 a year to survive, and there are 8,000,000,000 people in the world, divided by an average 4 to a family,  we are looking at $24,000,000,000,000 a year to be prepared out by 1 person. Assuming that only 50% of the world population really needs that to go by, it is still a huge-ass $12 trillion.

His accumulated wealth or total wealth is $76.6 billion, life-time. not yearly. Qatar being richest nation in the world on average, lies 49th place in total turnover at $430 billion a year and China, being the largest turnover makes about $20.853 trillion a year (2016 estimate) for its 1.4 billion people.

So essentially there’s a love-hate relationship with a guy (I don’t know whether he is personally nice or not but I have heard of his Foundation with Melinda), for a guy and nations that cannot foot a massive bill to save the world.

Likewise if a small kid sang in Youtube and made it big with a cheesy song and went on to be a world phenomenon, maybe we should give the kid a break. Bieber did absolutely a lot of stuff to draw attention to himself as he grew up. I guess he didn’t want to be someone people to love-hate. Like Bill.

trumpAs for Donald Trump, absolutely love his attitude, his Apprentice program – even got few books with him on the covers, I just dislike his views to be a future American President. It’s just so easy to hate someone or something. And for him to put forth his hate – for China, for Muslims – its as though he’s blaming for Bill to not wipe out world hunger and Justin should try bring less attention to himself.

Question is, what about Trump, himself?

I can bet, both you and I, don’t want to be love-hate by others.

So, lets start – by being less hate and like someone or something better.



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