Where is Blue Oc-innocreativitism?

After the airplanes tech in early 20th century, the computers, information technologies in the mid-to-late 20th century, do we need a Third World War to see a new technology breakthrough in technology, economy and human progress?

Must we sacrifice  or have we fall into the shambles of pseudo-religion-mysticism where the “Higher” being(s) somewhere look after us?


As a Thinker, a lot of my ideas are based on others who are the trend-setters e.g. the photo images I used to make things interesting.

However, piecing the raw materials into a workable solution – requires ingenuity, a story-telling sense, adventurism with the grounding that failures hurt deeply, truly and madly.

The Basic

I have started off with MIENS in 1999, just 2 years after graduation.

It is to be the McKinsey & Co. of my world providing points of solutions that addresses to the needs in 3 sectors – commercial development, residential-economic needs and industry interest. These are then to summed up under a one leadership, held by the Government where all the 3 sectors have to comply to.

The Rare

“I would like you to come out with an idea, not published before.” a representative for a Fortune 50 company.  That came on the back of my collaboration with the local university to predict the phenomenon of Jose Mourinho and his eventual downfall, that he did.

Through my association with the academia and personal interest, I got to know the interest of Malcolm Gladwell, among others.

Years later, the need for exclusivity requires me to challenge beyond the norm. So I started testing by hiring  right people from IMVU, from other countries and established this year early 2016 with BDSM that’s not meant for the faint-hearted.

After going through painstakingly (for the 2nd time after losing the original file) tracking companies in Enterprise 50, the individual timelines of their organisational life-cycle, the mergers and acquisition – I can then address better for the commercial’s want to survive, the will to behave in one’s accordance including leadership management and the centre of excellence in which the industry must build to improve on quality and innovation.

“My time is over? Who’s the new brother?”

Without the breakthrough leading towards the next 22nd century, I believe Internet of Things (IoTs) is a redundant of things where by-products, wastages and recycled materials were reused and passed on as new idea and technology when its just a waiting game for the next Bill Gate to show us, where is the door to the new livable planet in the wider universe.

Naturally, some people chose the easiest way out to meet their makers. Of course. Because there’re nothing else for them to look for and to lose other than meeting the Maker.

And that’s the Truth that we want an answer from the authorities, if not, from God, something, someone or nothing.

The xFulcrumx

The cumulation thereof, is where I’ll centrally be responsible for all my thoughts in the past, present and future.

Technology is an escapism from reality.

One portrays disinterest from politics of humans, the truth on our reason to borrow time, share resources, to obligate what is short-sight and leading to a selfish interest – to be in the state of happiness. Technology has that greedy interest to own or acquire – proprietary rights. The world is cold and doesn’t really care about my family or me. My friends – they are there now for me but they could be there or not.

It is not strange that some powerful leaders chose not to leave behind memoirs, tales in this century or even their own body and returning everything to nothingness – not because they have nothing to share – but because it doesn’t matter to the living.

The apple-to-apple legacy cannot go down the parallel embodiment in its leadership and governance or in search of truths. A mismatch.

Thus we must find the fulcrum.


By first waking up and saying, I’m part of this 9 billion people’s lives. I’m no higher, no lower than them. I’m part of their problem. I’m their problem.

If I don’t see that, then no wonder in their anger they destroy me in act of vengeance, ego or jealousy as their form of retribution. There shall be no 7th generation, after this.

The road is long and windy and to travel alone, is stupid.

I’m championing myself to drive the people, the business and to the national’s interest to survive, excel and be accepted as a significant to all.

I’m therefore part of the solution.

“Would you believe me, that I’m an angel not of Good nor Evil but a machination to ensure Armageddon is realized.




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