The “Word” at War

The world is at war.
With its neighbours,
With its friends,
With its family.
With itself.

One of the biggest reasons for that is the lost at the word, RESPECT.

The African-American’s march for Black Lives Matters, the radicalisation of some Muslims and the football hooliganism in France’s UEFA Euro 2016, have the common theme of not enough respect were given where they are focus at.

Each group felt they need to have a voice that had gone unheard. And in its symbolism, they are looking at the other end of the stick called, peace.

Black wants an end to what they deemed as injustice to how African-Americans are perceived as being badly treated socially.

The Muslims are getting themselves bashed over radicals who are attacking just about anybody because of their beliefs, territorial rights and so on. Since they don’t have large arsenals, they go with suicide bomb belts, small arms and sharp weapons. These radicals had been labelled as terrorists and so forth, but in truth, they would want their side of views to be respected by the world community albeit using the wrong ways.

I feel that however dirty wars may be, with Afghanistan and Iraq, had the Bamiyan Buddhists statues were respected and still standing there, then perhaps none of these would have happened. The fact that the 1,500 year old statues were bombed out by the Taliban’s in 2001, became the pre-cursor of what a world we are in.


Respect is a two-way street.

Days before Portugal crowned as European football champions, the French streets were littered with street-mobs violence and football hooligans from Russia and England. Finally, with their respective country defeats, we were back focusing on the actual sports itself. Would have been better if respect were passed around from Day 1 itself and the rest becomes a memorable event.


What Portugal and Ronaldo wants? To be respected for their skills and abilities.

What do the African-Americans and Muslims want?

What would you want?


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