To Build Rome in a Day

This is the first time I’m using WordPress.

As I went around my business to write out my thoughts, I decided to go with a philosophical saying, To Build Rome in a Day – and in the words of Information Technological  Age, the noob-style.

Don’t put more expectations that what reality is.

Now, if one were to take this saying literally, one might expect the unified Great Mighty Roman Empire that awed the world between 27 BC to 395 AD, then the understanding would need to be re-calibrated.

My idea of Rome is one which has it’s foundations built on a simple cross road before it gets simed which is the process of expansion ala Sim-City style.


One can absolutely do no wrong with two-straight lines running into each other before determining the future contents on whats lies on top of the green grasses.

Hence should a group of people, be it an association or a political party – that takes over a new helm – it’s to be expected that there will be instant changes without much of benchmark and that the changes will come progressively from thereon.

One simply cannot expect more than that but that each day, will have to be better.

The situation would be different if Rome was founded on a pre-existing site. Let’s just say that Remus and Romulus had founded Rome on top of a Gallic abandoned encampment (whose occupants would have most likely have fled or had been slaughtered in those times).

They would have erected new buildings, adopted some for use or torn down. In this case, the scenario would be much more difficult as there will be the neighbors who will look at the newbies settling-in and monitor their progress whilst making critical observations.

An example of cursory observation of mine, would be – this blog site tool that I’m using for the first time as a non-original inhabitant. (Wonder how long it takes before I would be entitled to become a WordPressian.)


This would mean that WordPress is not in the generally accepted default English-dictionary. It would also mean, that I need to write in American style as the word “neighbours” gets me into red and “neighbors” will be kewl. Alright, kewl is also in the RED.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank Chan Kee Siak of Exabytes – whom among those who I have asked whether the most popular blog to use would be the, or He responded with the two in my head – comparing that knowledge to the ones in Google and having 10 free blog sites which I believed that these sites are positioned based on individual commercial alliance reasons.

Though seriously speaking, commercial sense-wise, I would’ve fired my marketing director at WordPress if this is for profit-interest for giving away our advantage to other blogging sites. No red on blogger but definitely a red-remark on wordpress.


Branding for eons is equally important to bring the natural curious interest of the social media community. Starting from the naming of oneself to the Tree of Knowledge.

Get the basic right, WordPress or would you want to be confused with Volkswagen?


Or, you can be fantastically irritating by highlighting in red, WordPress on and off.


Anyway, moving on.

I have the intention to keep the English as simple as possible without having the readers to go in and out of the site to check the thesaurus. Oh dear, I had spelled it wrong the first time. And the American version of things accepted “spelled” but not “spelt”

I intend to improve my grammar and English as I plod on and also I will contribute to my daily writing on the book(s) to publish which Tun Dr. Lim Chong Eu forecasted that I will not be as prolific as Peter Ferdinand Drucker. Well, he might’ve been right but I still have time to prove myself wrong.

Starting with my very own first book to publish which I kept it under a secret file name. There.

And you know what? I am going to write the way I was taught and I taught myself, in Queen’s English and mix with slang, lingo, colloquial and “bahasa pasar”. Because it is just me, to be myself.

I will leave you with this for your reading and my own pleasure.

Thank you.

Hitting the button “Update” without “Preview”

rome proverb

If you feel that I should change any sentence structure etc. do comment.
Rome is not set in concrete. Or maybe it was.

Pps. Like to thank a kitten for simplifying my writing.




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